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About U-Pass Opt Out:

For fall term 2023, the CTA has provided U-Pass-eligible Loyola students the option to opt out of the U-Pass program and fee if they choose to do so.

This link will only be open to students who meet the U-Pass eligibility requirements outlined here:

If you meet those requirements, you will have the option to opt out of the U-Pass program and fee for fall 2023 only. If you choose to opt out, your U-Pass will be inactive for the entire fall term and you will receive a waiver for the U-Pass fee. Please note that this will be a waiver of a fee, not a cash refund. It is important to be aware that this waiver can only be requested once, and the request is final: you cannot later ask to have the fee reapplied or the U-Pass activated for fall term 2023. Please be sure of your choice before requesting the waiver.

Since this is a final choice, keep in mind that you can request a waiver until the deadline of 9/10/2023.

If you think your circumstances or transportation needs may change, please wait until you are certain of your final circumstance before requesting the waiver.